Sunday, May 13, 2018

One Room Challenge: Spring 2018 - Design Studio (The Reveal)


Hello and welcome to week 5 of One Room Challenge!

We are finally here ... 
Week 6 was a make or break for me. I had taken up too many projects over the last few weeks. The first 2 weeks I made limited progress on the room. I was still finalizing the design and was only able to place the order for the custom wallpaper, rods and ceiling hang bar. The lights were finalized when I was exhibiting my booth at the High Point market. I still have a few hooks that are back ordered.

Between Weeks 5 & 6 I had 2 trunk shows are battling my seasonal allergies. This caused further delays and had me push out my professional photoshoot date. These beautiful shots are my husbands creative skills and of course he loves the new look of this room and rather have it as his office!

Week 6 was a ton of fun and not for the faint of heart! The painter was still putting the final touches on Thursday evening, we had the lights installed that night and the ceiling bar hangs and the mirror got installed at midnight. We then cleaned up and assembled the table after that. All done at 2AM !!
It was quite the task to get this across the line -- It would not have been done without the support of my vendors, my crew and my families patience thru the last week. Clearly the adrenaline rush kept me going and I was deeply motivated once the products started to arrive.

I love ORC because it gets the best out of me and the deadlines force me to work hard and complete these challenging projects in 6 weeks! I share space with a few design rooms to display my products but there is always a limitation in that construct. Having my own studio was always on the agenda but I never got going on it till now. I am excited to bring clients over and use this amazing studio.

Once again, a huge thanks to my vendors:
  • Wallpaper: Area Environments, Phillip Jeffries
  • Paint: Fine Paints of Europe
  • Table: Nuevo
  • Mirror: Nuevo
  • Lights: Hudson Valley Lighting and Mitzi
  • Lucite rods: Plexicraft
  • Lucite hooks: Modshop, Allison Weeks and Luxholdups
  • Ceiling hang bar: William Roberts Vintage
So without further adieu, here is the before and after ...

   The design concept   

  How it looked before   

    Finally ... The reveal !!    

It has been a pleasure sharing this project as part of the One Room Challenge. I would like to thank Linda at Calling it Home and other sponsors of this challenge. It has made this project memorable! Good luck to all the participants. Look forward to the One Room Challenge edition in the fall 2018.

Give us your feedback and share your stories of design. We love to hear from all of you as it inspires us on our future projects.

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