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One Room Challenge - Girl's Room Design Week 1 & 2

Joining the One Room Challenge    |     Girls Room

Calling it Home has been hosting the ever inspiring One Room Challenge for many seasons now.
I happened to find out from my amazing Design group Design Er-Therapy that the season was on its way. I was excited but the thought of being able to finish a project in 6weeks was out of reach in my mind, especially for a personal project. It is always easy to accomplish a task/project for a client but never enough time for our personal project.

I am a week late in entering the challenge and this is definitely going to make every decision to be taken in the right direction!!!! I am certainly inspired by looking into the past spaces and amazing transformations that have taken in these 6weeks !!

Before the project - April 7th

This weeks challenge room belongs to my daughter. She's very creative and has a design mind of her own already at 12 so my battle begins before I have even stepped foot into decorating this 18' x 13' personal space that she has reminded me is hers! Her love for the turquoise color has been strong for a while which you'll see in the concept below. It is her color of choice and it will take some persuading on my end to change her mind.

The floor plan below includes a low platform bed, a dresser between the windows and a study table large enough to accommodate for tons of homework. The flow through this room is very important for all the fun she plans to have with her friends in this, her personal private space!

The Concept

The rendering is a concept that my daughter has envisioned right down to the color, bed, dresser and desk. The wall design she has envisioned is inspired from a tile. We looked through a lot of wall paper designs but getting her color into the pattern was something she was very adamant about. With some convincing I can now say her favorite color is Rose gold, thank you Apple iPhone :))

We are currently getting a custom Stencil made at I do not want the wall to look too cluttered with a pattern so choosing the right one is very important.

Will keep you updated on future blogs once the stencil work has started.

Rendered Concept

My daughters original vision

Shhhhh......Paint and Stenciling in Process

The wall, ceiling and molding colors are all custom. The color to the left, Venus pink, is from Benjamin Moore and was altered to get just the right shade. This custom color has different effects based on the time of the day. It has already enhanced the room in just the first step. The stencil color is a metallic paint from Ralph Lauren and looks amazing!

As you can already see in the below photos, our painter has a very important task ahead. The detail of using stencils is both precise and rewarding.

Tell us what you think so far in the comments below. We will share more of the finished look in next week's blog.

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