Saturday, April 23, 2016

One Room Challenge - Girl's Room Design Week 3

So now it is week three and I have run into some challenges with the concept I have decided to go with. I am however surprised with the main color, Benjamin Moore / Venus Pink , that I have decided to go with. I am also excited about the metallic color I have chosen for the stencil and I'm sure that will be fabulous as well! The stencil design however has become a huge head scratcher....

Originally we looked at many wall covering options. As I mentioned in prior weeks, the idea my daughter came up with was a bit harder to find in a wall covering with the colors she wanted.  Of course her deciding on the metallic pink tones that resembled her iPhone was a challenge in itself to match. Teenagers are very particular with things, especially with trends like this, and since my daughter is a mature artistic sole herself, it had to be right. 

The process of mixing the colors to get the right matches was a challenge and pleasing her creative eye was another! You can imagine how happy I was when she loved the base color. One hurdle overcome, now it was time to start the stenciling...

The stencil I designed  was a series of links that would make up a 12" x 12" pattern and it would repeat. There was a small border that became apparent after we started applying the stencil and actually it was a nice surprise since I liked the effect. The bigger challenge was keeping the pattern straight around corners, door frames and switch plates.  I decided to make a change at that point and keep it off the corners. It became much more time consuming than I imagined, which resulted in a cost factor with the time the contractor was spending. This threw me a bit over budget on money and on time than I anticipated originally. I decided to keep the pattern off the corners in the room and the door moldings as well.  

I also decided it would be tasteful to eliminate the ceiling.The pattern started to look wonderful around all walls so I changed the concept accordingly.

I was also enjoying how the chandelier looked with the pattern itself.  The pink tones against the crystal was more elegant than I anticipated. The dark wood floor will be a nice contrast to it as well.

So far.... so good. We have overcome some huge challenges and I am anxious to see how this progresses. I am also excited to share it with you in following weeks.  Stay tuned!

Please leave your comments and suggestions below along with any questions you may have.

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  1. That stencil looks great. I hate doing them though...such a pain in the ass.