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One Room Challenge: A Kitchen Remodel (Week 3)

One Room Challenge

Its week 3 already! 

We are working hard on every element and the remodeling of the kitchen is in flight. Everything from our kitchen cabinets is in boxes and our living and dining room have become a huge storage area. 

As disruptive as it feels, seeing the work progress every day and getting closer to the end is extremely encouraging and exciting. I thought it might be best to share the changes through pictures so you can get a good view of things we did this week.

The task list for the week was long and honestly, a bit daunting but I am proud to say we got through it and made significant progress.

  • Get the old stuff out --- Removing the old paint, get the appliances out, tear up the old sheetrock, remove the backsplash.

Much thought and research was done to avoid any additional plumbing and new construction. We wanted as little work and were fortunate to have an existing plumbing line running under it. We simply had to extend the line to be able to install the new pot filler (pasta arm).

  • Prep for the new stuff --- Start painting the cabinets, fix the electrical and the plumbing, get the new sheetrock.

We are trying to replace a double oven with a convection oven and a steam oven. The new units require a 220V line individually. Therefore needed to pull another 220V line to stay within the code.

The refrigerator had an outdated water line feeding the dispenser but this was an easy fix. We had to add some electrical fixtures for the new appliances and new under mount cabinet lights. 

Adding a new wine cabinet -- Minute details of the cabinet need to flow through the new wine cabinet. The crown molding above the refrigerator needs to be cut from the side for continuity of the design and seamless integration. We will get new crown molding installed later with dental spacing and other specification as it needs more detailed work and time. 

Replacing the cooking range with a cooktop left us space at the bottom that needed to be redesigned. This helped us incorporate the warming drawer and configure the remaining space.

  • We got the template made for the countertop and backsplash --- This needs to perfect so we don’t have to do rework at the time of the installation. The team from Marble America did a phenomenal job in getting it done. Then comes the harder part, trying to fit the template on the crystal quartzite slabs. Remember the slabs from the blog last week?... Walker Zanger’s Crystal Quartzite slabs from Brazil is a great choice for a light colored, durable, and exotic natural stone counter top. This quartzite has a beautiful white translucent background with copper colored veins. Unlike a marble, a quartzite is less likely to etch, scratch, and stain. As a natural stone, this quartzite needs to be sealed (see my previous blog). We spent a fair amount of time trying to fit the template so we could capture every vein from the slab and make sure it was going to be on the right areas in the kitchen. After all, you only change the slabs once in a long time! (#WalkerZanger, #MarbleAmerica)

  • Hardware makes all the difference --- When looking for a company, there were four things that I looked for: excellent design aesthetic, products that supported artisanship, craftsmanship for quality, and a commitment to customer service. After a lot of research, I found Waterworks (, #Waterworks). Mostly sourced from European and American studios and factories, Waterworks supports local and artisan workshops. 

  • The level of craftsmanship can be seen within the RW Atlas Two Hole Faucet. Designed in conjunction with Rowan & Williams, the faucet combines an industrial aesthetic with fine details. The industrial look of piping in the faucet pairs with the refinement of a hexagonal base and twirling (cross hatching) found on the spray, faucet and handles. A kitchen, more than any other place in the home, is where show stopping aesthetics should marry functionality. This can be seen in all of the Waterworks products used. The Cushing hardware shows this idea. The sinuous lines of the hardware are not only pleasing to the eye but ergonomically feel good in the hand. The Kerr metal sink is the embodiment of functionality. Made from 16 gauge stainless steel, the sink offers more stability than a 18 gauge or 22 gauge sink. Additionally, the dual compartments of the sink, allow for a separation of dishes when cooking or cleaning and space for a normal drain and garbage disposal. The Waterworks team was really knowledgeable and became an extended part of my team. Beyond offering design advice and sending over visual products, making approval easy, they also acted as a logistical coordinators, managing lead times and delivery. 

R.W. Atlas Wall Mounted Articulated Pot Filler, Metal Lever Handles

RW Atlas Two Hole Bridge High Profile Kitchen Faucet, Metal Side Mount Levers and Spray

Cushing Pulls

Length: 3"
Primary Material: Brass 

Length From Centers: 12" Projection: 2 1/4"Height: 1 3/16" Length: 18"Primary Material: Brass 

Kerr 35 ¾” x 18 ½” x 10 5/8” Twin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Rear Drains 

  • Finally starting to see some finishes --- Still very early but I am starting to get a feel for the new design. I already have butterflies in my stomach … Here are some pictures that will give you some idea --

Next week is a big and challenging install week -– Appliances, stone and final coats of paint.

I will share more about the final color for the cabinets and the walls --- I have spent countless hours at the paint store getting a ton of samples and trying them out already. So many great choices, but I finally decided on the paint for the cabinets. #BenjaminMoore

Lots more coming next week. Hope you come back and follow me on this journey.

Here is the link to my week 1 and week 2 blogs -- Please read, if you have not already.

I am sure you are hoping to get a sneak peak at the end product like my son (see below) ! 

Please dont forget to leave us your questions, comments and feedback, it's how we stay inspired and inspire others.

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