Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Room Challenge - Girls Room Design Week 5

Hi everyone! I was out for spring break to get some real fun in the sun with my family. The kids had a blast but I tried to achieve as much as I could by taking charge of the furniture and lighting purchases so we could be on time. You can follow the link below to my blog from week 4; Thank you Linda for letting me share it along with this blog. 

Below is a sneak peak of few accessories we have chosen for this room.

Thank you Linda at Calling it Home who conceived the One Room Challenge, nurtured it like a baby, turning it into the big sensation it is today!

I have been following a lot of projects highlighted by the participants and the concepts and progress are just absolutely phenomenal!

I missed an entire week because of spring break and I was in a bit of a panic. I even dreamt of my stencil simply because it has been one of the most challenging design items in terms of placement.

Finally we are coming to the end and now I can divert my energy towards the bedding and accessories to complete the room. Most of the furniture is in and the Mirrors will be hung tomorrow. I am quiet a neat freak but these past weeks have totally converted me into being more adaptable to my messy surroundings :))

My daughter is looking forward to finally having her room back next week !

We finally went hunting for the perfect bedding set because this is one thing I always like to touch and feel. These shams brought a smile to my face since spring in New York is absolutely mesmerizing and having all the spring colors in the color scheme is createing magic.

I love the throw on the beautiful and cozy grey reading chair and how the patterns battle for their place in the room. The sheers have a sparkle sequence detail in it with a hot pink velvet drape peeping through that makes them pretty cool and fun.

The bath balls below from Lush is a fascination for my daughter, so why not feed her passion. 

I am still waiting on one last piece of furniture and then I will schedule the photo shoot for Monday. Wish me luck that i'll able to achieve all I have left to do in the next couple of days.

Tell me what you think of the contrasting patterns and the bath balls...I love feedback and comments. 

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