Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One Room Challenge - Girls Room Design Week 6 (Final)

A little bit about me.....I have been designing and decorating rooms for a few years. It all started with projects in my house and then I decided to do this professionally. I went back to school and put in a real effort to learn the art and the science of Interior design. Since I opened my company, Lakbir Design (, I have completed projects both large and small. It has been quite the journey to develop a new client base, vendors and a small business, all at the same time.

When my 12-year-old daughter asked me to redecorate her room, I thought it was no big deal, I can do this! Right around that same time I was introduced to the One Room Challenge and I decided to put the two together which gave me added motivation!

Now clients can be demanding but let me tell you, a 12-year-old client is a whole new breed. Designing the room around a long list of constraints was truly a challenge. A 12-year-old girls clarity of thought (and sometimes total inflexibility) was a wake up call. I received a along list of requirements that range from a fixed family of colors, floor plan etc. I was on my toes from day one. It is hard enough being a mother, but the expectations of designer mom were massive.

I have shared my progress over the last 5 weeks with you and here is a link to all the previous blogs for your reference.

I had plenty of ideas of what I wanted to do with the room, but I needed to lock in my design plan in the first week to make sure I had enough time to source all the items. I made some bold decisions; Stencil paint vs. wallpaper, a unique design for her desk, and trying to keep the room in 3 primary colors white, rose gold and turquoise. Once we agreed on the design, her high expectations went even higher.

Here is what the room looked like at the beginning along with our concepts and elements - 

As you can tell from my previous blogs, there were a few nervous moments along the way but I am proud to tell you that the end product is even beyond my expectations. I have to give a lot of credit to my vendors for working with me. This would not be possible without their support for delivering everything on time and per my requirements. Rye Brook Painting did an amazing job on the stencil work for me as the pattern changed several times to accommodate the space. Woodworkings by Erminio produced a custom bookshelf for me on very short notice. Natasha Miller ( was my photographer for the final product. I think she did a perfect job of capturing the essence of the project in the images.

Finally, here is what the room looks like at the end of 6 weeks -




At Lakbir Design, we take pride in all of our work but this one was definitely a special project for me. The smile on my daughters face when she looked at the finished room was the best return on this investment! She absolutely loved it and she can't wait to show it to her friends!

It has been a pleasure sharing this project as part of the One Room Challenge. I would like to thank Linda at Calling Home and other sponsors of this challenge. It has made this project memorable! Good luck to all the participants. Look forward to the One Room Challenge in the fall 2016 !

Here is a list of some of the products/vendors used in this project:
  • Benjamin Moore / Venus Pink
  • Ralph Lauren / Metallic Paint (ME121)
  • / 12"X12" Stencil Design
  • Bungalow 5 / Bette amethyst lamp, Laramie orange lamp, Gabriella amethyst mirror
  • Elyse Graham / Drip Mirror in Mimosa
  • All Modern / Liquido Dresser
  • Dot & Bo / Solid Oak Shuttle Desk
  • Spinceramic / white Vase
  • Mukul Goyal standing vase
  • Anne de Solene / Bedding
  • Couture Dreams / White shams
  • Poppin / Desk Accessories
  • Lakbir Design / Designed and Custom made Bookshelf, Carpet and Drapes
     Give us your feedback and share your stories of design. We love to hear from all of you as it inspires us on our future projects.

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  1. This is one of the most unique rooms I have seen yet! I really did not expect to recognize the sources. It reminds me of European design. Very pretty. I especially love the curtains. The layers make it look so magical. :) Great job!

    1. Thank you so much !! I personally design all my curtains :))
      The Stencil was a lot of hard work but the outcome is remarkable more so in person than in the pictures ! Have thoroughly enjoyed my 6 weeks.

  2. This room is amazing!! I love the color palette and the draperies and everything really. Amazing job. Congrats for making it to the finish line.

    1. Thank You Casa Vilora Interiors for getting me started ! Going back to your Flower lady Inspiration, you never know when and where you inspire someone :))

  3. In a word: SWANKY! I LOVE IT!!! I could be a chic boutique hotel! I'm in love!!!! xx

  4. It's a gorgeous room!! Love everything about it!! It's chic and swanky and yet practical. Love the rich colors you used especially the dark pink. It's a teenage girl's dream room!!

  5. Very pretty! Your daughter is a lucky girl.

  6. Love the zen-glam feel of the space! I'm sure you'll get lots of exposure here at ORC with this one! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

  7. This is unlike nything I've ever seen, before. Your daughter has very good taste. Well done Designing-Mama! And congrats for making it a one room challenge.

  8. Absolutely stunning!!!! love it!

  9. You created a beautiful room for your daughter. I love the wall treatment and that rug is amazing!!!!

  10. What an amazing room! Such cool furniture and I love the color scheme! I am sure she loves it! She is one lucky girl! Great job!

  11. Love the stencil pattern you chose for this room. I can see why your daughter is so happy.

  12. You have one sophisticated 12 year old. What a lovely room! I think my favorite thing is the draperies.

    1. Thank you Brenda ! Draperies is also my niche, Hv been designing draperies for 10years now. Would love for you to visit my website.
      Much thnx :))

  13. This is so gorgeous!!! I am dying over that rug and wallpaper. Beautiful Room!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jenny Hall !!
      The rug certainly in that color is a special find based on color choices I was given my client/daughteršŸ˜Š
      The wallpaper is actually a stencil, It's a custom stencil based on the wall space . Very laborious work but certainly worth it. Different times of the day the day the walls have a different shade n looks magical.

  14. What a transformation! You should be so proud! Swoon worthy room

    1. Thank you So much Maria Brittis !! Absolutely enjoyed the entire process of the layer unfolding into this beautiful space